This Olitz scene though? Look at Fitz’s face. Look at Olivia’s face. The VERY idea that she’s hurt makes him hurt. That hug though? That hand on the cheek though? That “Hi” though? That look though? This is “I watch for you. My whole life is you. I exist for you. My every feeling is controlled by the look on your face” manifested.

Y’all, was I the only one screaming in my house at the first sign of a black suit? It was just like the dinner scene in Hunting Season, when it got all quiet and the black suits rolled in. I hooting and hollering, so much so that I totally ignored ole Joke trying to cover his ass. All I knew, was that Fitz was coming for his Baby.

You weren’t the only one screaming. I was screaming too! Yes it definitely took it back to that moment in the restaurant from Beltway Unbuckled! He knew he had to see her. It also reminded me of when he came to her apartment. Is this the third time he came to her? Correct me if I’m mistaken. The first was last season at her apartment. The second was at the restaurant. And the third time was when she was at the hospital. (Does #DeskGate count?)

The many facial expressions Olivia Pope & Fitz had during their break-up scene from Beltway Unbuckled.

These Two!